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GLASS – an amazing Event

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Il 1 ° dicembre, DDM Advertising ha coordinato ed organizzato il grandioso evento presso Glass Luxury condo building. In occasione del più recente progetto di Rene Gonzalez in vetro, gli ospiti sono stati immersi in tre piani di festeggiamenti stravaganti. L’area della piscina sopraelevata è stata animata con intrattenimento dal vivo del DJ Arkitek, sirene, e delle speciali lampade. Inoltre gli ospiti hanno avuto la possibilità di visitare l’edificio di lusso sopratutto l’appartamento al in vendita al 12 ° piano ed un eccezionale vetrina d’ Arte all’ 11 ° piano, a cura di Majestic Flag, Limited Edition, and Art Angels.


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Mercoledi 30 novembre, Sofia Joelsson e Chayanne Coe, fondatori di LIMITED EDITION hanno ospitato la cena privata per promuovere l’artista Michael Moebius durante Art Basel 2016. L’evento, presentato da DDM Advertising è stato allietato dalla live performance ed una prelibata cena. L’evento è stato un grandioso successo ed uno spettacolare inizio della settimana di Art Basel.

SPA RICCI Opening Party

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Domenica 27 Novembre, DDM Advertising ha diretto ed organizzato l’evento di apertura di Spa Ricci, una nuova luxury and lifestyle spa by Sofia Joelsson.  L’evento, inspirato a Capri ha ospitato oltre 200 ospiti dell’elite di Miami.  Gli ospiti hanno potuto assaggiare prelibatezze italiane allietati dalla musica dal vivo accompagnati da un suggestivo tramonto.



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DDM Advertising è orgogliosa di presentare il nuovo concept per la campagna pubblicitaria di MORADA – Haute Furniture Boutique



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DDM Advertising firma la nuova campagna per CLIMA dove presenta Gandia Blasco – Blau  Collection


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 CLIMA OUTDOOR presenta, nella nuova campagna pubblicitaria, il brand Gloster.  L’Adv ideata è stata progettata da DDM Advertising


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DDM Advertising firma la nuova campagna per CLIMA dove presenta in anteprima la nuova collezione knoll.


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Il president & CEO della DDM Advertising, è stato intervistato da Venue Magazine, rinomata rivista dedicata ai professionisti più influenti di Miami, dove, Danilo Di Michele, racconta della sua carriera, specializzata in pubblicità e pubbliche relazioni, nonché della sua visione dei futuri progetti. Di seguito riportiamo l’articolo:

Thanks to his vision, the Italian-American Danilo Di Michele has created a perfect bilateral link between the United States and Italy that promotes the export and import of creativity and advanced communication services between the two countries. His passion gave birth to DDM Advertising Agency. A creative international public relations boutique, specializing in luxury services.

“I like the creative side of all! The first text, the first concept, the first design. I’m always excited to introduce something new to a client. I am delighted when I see my work on a billboard while driving on a highway or walking the streets of a major city.”

As an Italian, what has been your contribution to American advertising?
For me it was very important to understand the American culture and understand their needs. Having achieved that, I combined their current approach by adding a bit of Italian creativity. Always reflecting in my work a very special and joyful message.

What is missing in the current advertising?
I don’t think it is currently missing anything, on the contrary, it is constantly evolving and it is our job to stay up to date.

Do you think that the mainstream media are destined to disappear to make way for the different digital platforms?
Mauricio, now that you mention it, I think this is a very interesting point because the change is occurring rapidly. We can see how social networks have changed the mainstream media, becoming a primary source of information for all alike.

As a professional, you define yourself more as advertising or public relations?
I think both are very handy and I think if you work in this industry, you need to know well both to ensure that your strategic approach is effective from every angle.

And as a person, what side satisfies you most and why?
I like the creative side of all! The first text, the first concept, the first design. I’m always excited to introduce something new to a client. I am delighted when I see my work on a billboard while driving on a highway or walking the streets of a major city.

When it comes to politics, do you think anything goes in campaigns to win votes or should be a limit and why?
I think in every advertising campaign that is done it is necessary to always double check before sending the message to avoid damage or convey the wrong message.

Would you consider doing this type of advertising?
Yes, I like all forms of communication and have no barrier or limitation.

What has been your biggest challenge and why?
Finding the right mission for my clients is always my biggest challenge. I love my clients deeply and treat them each with love throughout every step of each project. At the end, to have them fulfill their dreams is my greatest reward!

What are you looking to accomplish next?
I’m working on connecting Miami to Milan to increase versatility in the luxury industry, fashion and design.

Do you think that bad publicity is better than no publicity?
Yes, for one simple reason… people are ” talking ” about you, increasing brand awareness. It all depends on what you do with it.

What do you think of the phenomenon in popular culture of the Kardashians?
This is the perfect example of the power of the media in the world. The Kardashians are a clear example. Not only do they thrive in everything they do but produce large amounts of money thanks to the good use of the media.

What inspires you?
People and nature.

What does your agency or offers that do not offer what the others?
I’ll tell Mauricio what I always tell my clients: we have specialized in the luxury industry with a professional team of consulting with presence in the United States and also in Italy, we have the ability to provide the best service every day of the week.

Of all the cities where DDM has offices, which one you feel more comfortable and why?
Miami! The city is full of sunshine and happiness. It is very easy to work in Miami. People are happy and driving around town makes you feel like you are living in a movie.

Mauricio Hernandez // // Photos by Lucie Hugary Styling by Omar Thomas


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Per onorare il recente articolo “Man of Style 2016”, il fantastico team di Modern Luxury Miami ha organizzato una bellissima serata con le più importanti figure del panorama stilistico di Miami, compreso il nostro CEO e Founder, Danilo Di Michele con Jerry Chery. Di seguito riportiamo l’articolo:


“THE OCCASION In honor of its annual Men of Style Issue, Miami gathered a select group of VIPs, clients and friends for a sunset-to-evening dinner at River Yacht Club to celebrate the popular volume and its dapper subjects. THE CROWD Editor-in-Chief Luis R. Rigual and Publisher Diana Riser welcomed three of the men featured in the article, including actor Khotan Fernandez, financial analyst Oti Roberts and advertising and PR executive Danilo Di Michele—all of whom lived up to their MOS reputations by dressing to the nines. Also in attendance at the gathering were developer Matthew Vander Werff, advertising honcho Manny Machado, luxury concierge Justin Keeperman, chef Piyarat Potha Arreeratn and RYC co-owner Stephane Dupoux. THE HIGHLIGHTS After enjoying cocktails specially created for the evening and getting-to-know-you conversation, guests sat down to an alfresco supper featuring River Yacht Club’s Mediterranean dishes. The night’s ubiquitous question? So… how do I get into this edition next year?”


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Il team di DDM ADVERTISING vi augura buona giornata dell’Indipendenza degli Stati Uniti, segnalandovi che l’ufficio americano sarà chiuso lunedì 4 luglio.